The Online Resource for the Boulevard Park Neighborhood Association, Sacramento, California
Welcome to our Historic, Family-Friendly Neighborhood

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Boulevard Park is a unique, cohesive neighborhood -- an area
which strives for the preservation of old values and traditions
but also values individuality and new ideas. Perhaps more than
any other area of the city, the area understands the need for
balance between each individual part of the city as well as its
contribution to the creation of the city as a whole. The area is a
community in itself, created by the sense of neighborhood, by
the ready availability of businesses, by one of a kind stores
rather than franchise chains, by a minimal dependence on the
automobile, and by a diverse mix of interesting people from all
backgrounds. Given these things, rehabilitation, preservation,
and enhancement of Boulevard Park is in the city’s best interest
as well as in the interest of the neighborhood’s residents.

Regular BPNA activities include: Alley clean-ups, graffiti
abatement, beautification projects and support of Rite Aid,
Garage Sales, Annual Spaghetti Dinner, Fourth of July picnics,
National Night Out, Gifts to the Senior Center, Friends of Grant
Park, Courtyard School, Washington School and direct involvement
with among many of our local  Neighborhood Response Teams and Neighborhood Action Group.

BPNA regularly monitors the progress of the Neighborhood Preservation Transportation Plan for
Midtown and networks with other neighborhood associations to share information, develops
policies and make sure all neighborhoods remain healthy. BPNA produces,  publishes and
distributes a free paper (and electronic) monthly newsletter The Park Beat reaches nearly 1500
households, chronicling neighborhood and City events, programs, services and alerts residents to
problems and issues affecting their quality of life.

BPNA is not a homeowner's association. It is resident driven. Everyone who turns their porch light
on before going to bed at night has a stake in this neighborhood!

So, thanks to all who have given their time, energy and talents. Thanks to the Block Captains who
deliver the monthly newsletters. Thanks to everyone, members and non-members, who take the
time to clean the gutters, rake the leaves and maintain their yards that send a message that we
are a neighborhood that cares.